Since the very start, Webb’s has been synonymous with valuations.

Established in 1976, Webb’s has a long and rich history of valuing New Zealand’s finest art and luxury collectibles and bringing them to market. Valuations have been a core aspect of our business from the beginning, and over the decades Webb’s has successfully completed valuations for countless astute collectors and public institutions. Collectors, institutions, and insurers trust Webb’s valuations because we are independent and highly experienced.

Up-to-date valuations are a key aspect of maintaining artwork, ensuring that insurance coverage is sufficient. Over the last few years, we have seen dramatic shifts and spikes in the art market. If you have not refreshed your valuation recently, you may well be underinsured. Webb’s is a trusted name in valuations, recognised by insurers nationwide.

The key services we offer are Market Appraisal, Insurance Valuation, state Division, Relationship Property Division, Institutional Financial Reporting and Profit and Loss Valuation.

Our experts are always interested in discussing your artworks or wider collection with you, and are happy to answer any questions.

Charles Tongue – Valuations Specialist

Charles comes to Webb’s from Vernon Systems – the New Zealand creator of collection management software behind hundreds of museums globally. Following a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Canterbury in Art History, Art Theory and Psychology, Charles gained his first role in an auction house at Dunbar Sloane in Wellington. On returning to Auckland, Charles managed commercial art galleries from 1997 – 2008. Later moving to Abu Dhabi to manage an art gallery, run public art programs and manage gallery participation in major international art fairs. This wealth of experience ensures that Charles will handle your valuation with unmatched knowledge and professional acumen.

Charles Tongue
Valuations Specialist
+64 22 406 5514