Aston Martin: Luxury, Beauty and Power

By July 26, 2022News

Aston Martin’s founding principles of beauty, luxury and driving dynamics have resulted in exceptional grand touring cars; the brand itself has become a British cultural icon in its own right. The cars exude engineering brilliance, design refinement and power, all of which are exemplified in Aston’s iconic DB era.

A history of innovative leadership has forged the brand. This was especially the case when English industrialist David Brown purchased Aston Martin and Lagonda in 1947. Under his influence, the cars adorned his initials and the DB branding. During his time, he revolutionised the company by consolidating both manufacturers and streamlining processes. The 1950 DB2 Le Mans prototype was born from this production pairing, which became the blueprint for many of Aston’s design cues today.

After some additions and changes over the next five years, Aston Martin unveiled their Mark II upgrade of the DB2/4 at the London Motor Show in 1955. The most observable changes were the raised roofline with a chrome strip and the addition of tailfins. The DB2/4 Mark II initially featured the same 2.9 litre engine as its predecessor, with a 4–speed manual transmission delivering 140 brake horse power.

The hand–built DB2/4 Mark II was the pinnacle of mid–century luxury motoring with a touch of practicality – so much so that David Brown used it as his daily car. The production run for the DB2/4 Mark II spanned two years, with only 199 cars built. Of these 199, only 145 were saloons. Such rarity commands exceptional market prices and garners strong interest from collectors.

The Webb’s Collectors’ Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia team is fortunate to have the opportunity to bring an exquisite DB2/4 Mark II to market during the August live auction. Our vendor purchased this vehicle in November 2012 while based in Auckland. He then appointed Atkinson Restoration Services to undertake the meticulous two–year restoration of the car.

Work undertaken involved a complete engine bay restoration, gearbox and clutch overhauls, along with a differential rebuild, and a suspension, brakes and shock absorber restoration. New paintwork from bare metal was completed alongside reconditioning of the wheel arches, new chrome work, doors rebuilt, and new glass – apart from the windscreen, which was perfect. Further restoration included the addition of electric ignition, dashboard and instrumentation. The original painted wheels were chromed, and the two–tone paintwork was changed to a classic black. Presently, this car is a virtually new 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 saloon.

The car has been refinished with remarkable attention to detail, allowing it to live on to the next generation, ready for a collector who is ready to get behind the wheel. Worldwide the Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark lls are now blue–chip collectibles and an ultra-rare sight on the New Zealand market.

This car will go under the hammer on Sunday 14 August at 2pm during our Collectors’ Cars, Motorcycles & Automobilia live auction, which will be held at the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau. The DB2/4 Mark II is a charming embodiment of Aston Martin’s elegant design and engineering prowess that will no doubt garner much- deserved attention come auction day. It is our pleasure to bring a car of such merit to market.

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Head of Collectors’ Cars
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